Interactive Technologies and STEM
Early-Grades Teaching and Learning

New STEM Journal Publishes Article from Interactive STEM Team Members

Interactive STEM team members Josephine Louie, Pam Buffington, and Jennifer Stiles were recently published in Connected Science Learning, an online journal from the National Science Teachers Association and the Association of Science-Technology Centers.


Differences in Student Use of Technology for Learning at Higher- and Lower-­Poverty Middle Schools

The use of digital computing devices in classrooms is becoming ubiquitous and an essential part of 21st Century learning. However, the research summarized in this brief suggests that greater or...

Interactive STEM Wins Grant to Expand Collaborative Work in Maine

The Interactive STEM team at EDC has been awarded a grant from the Maine Department of Education for the Mathematics and Science Partnerships (MSP) program to continue, sustain, and expand...

Starting Mobile Digital Device Initiatives: Advice from High School Teachers in Maine

The research report summarized in this brief shares findings from a survey of teachers in three Maine high schools. The research highlights lessons teachers learned in their initial efforts to implement...

Developing a Productive Struggle Mindset

Students experience productive struggle when they persist in trying to make sense of a difficult problem and develop new strategies for solving it. This perseverance is essential for developing mathematical...

Findings on Engaging Teachers and Students in Formative Assessment

The research summarized in this brief describes a professional development (PD) model that emphasizes the roles of both teachers and students in formative assessment (FA) with the primary goal of helping students...