Interactive Technologies and STEM
Early-Grades Teaching and Learning

Research+Practice Partnerships: Fostering Equitable Collaboration

This tool describes strategies to foster mutual respect for the expertise of all partners and facilitate productive collaboration when researchers and practitioners . . .

Mathematics in the Early Grades: Operations & Algebraic Thinking

This brief describes the concepts and skills involved in helping K-2 children demonstrate and expand their ability to understand, represent, and solve addition and . . .

Tools for Educators: Interactive Technology Screen Recording Checklists for Students

Checklists created by a grade 2 teacher and her students help them make higher quality screen recordings of their thinking during mathematical problem solving. Students . . .

A Guide Map to Research-Practice Partnerships

The Interactive STEM team at EDC is a major partner in the NSF-funded Research + Practice Collaboratory. This R+P Collaboratory infographic maps a set of steps for . . .

Maine's News Center 6 Profiles Teacher Supported by Interactive STEM at EDC

With support from the Interactive STEM team at EDC, a major partner in the NSF-funded Research + Practice Collaboratory, mathematics coach Lisa Coburn at Washburn . . .

Maine Teacher Learns Through Doing: A Grade 2 Mathematics Lesson with iPads

Auburn K–6 mathematics instructional coach Amber Eliason says that her work with the Research + Practice Collaboratory and Interactive STEM team at EDC has helped her . . .

Interactive STEM, Auburn, Maine, Team Discuss Research-Practice Lessons at REL Boston Meeting

Auburn, Maine, educators' emphasis on give-and-take is echoed by newly forming partnerships in Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Mathematics in the Early Grades: Counting & Cardinality

By the time students leave kindergarten, they should know the names and sequence of number words up to 100, be able to count to determine the number of objects in a . . .