Interactive Technologies and STEM
Early-Grades Teaching and Learning

Findings on Engaging Teachers and Students in Formative Assessment

The research summarized in this brief describes a professional development (PD) model that emphasizes the roles of both teachers and students in formative assessment . . .

Leveraging Learning 2016

Through the Leveraging Learning conferences, the Auburn School Department helps participants learn how to design and implement an iPad initiative to customize student learning. This theme of this year’s institute, held Nov. 9 and 10, was “Making it Real”— iPads in the Classroom.


Inquiry Group Meets to Develop Supports to Improve Mathematics Teaching and Learning

On November 4–5, the Interactive STEM team at EDC convened an Inquiry Group, bringing together participants with varied professional backgrounds—teachers, teacher . . .

Findings on the Development and Use of Technology-Infused Curricula in Preschool Classrooms

The research summarized in this brief suggests that well-designed tablet-based activities can improve student learning outcomes at the preschool . . .

Supporting Equity Through Co-Investigation: Sharing Student Videos

Watching videos of students solving math problems was a key part of partnership meetings during a research and practice collaboration in Auburn, Maine. The partners . . .

Computer Science For All...Teachers

Computer Science (CS) For All initiatives are working to reshape the landscape of CS education to ensure all students can access meaningful CS learning.

Research+Practice Partnerships: Fostering Equitable Collaboration

This tool describes strategies to foster mutual respect for the expertise of all partners and facilitate productive collaboration when researchers and practitioners . . .

Mathematics in the Early Grades: Operations & Algebraic Thinking

This brief describes the concepts and skills involved in helping K-2 children demonstrate and expand their ability to understand, represent, and solve addition and . . .