Using One-to-One (1-1) Mobile Technology to Promote Mathematical Discourse, Reasoning, and Engagement in K-2 Classrooms
April 4, 2017

2017 NCSM Annual Conference
San Antonio, Texas

Dr. Pam Buffington will lead this presentation on using 1-1 mobile technology in early elementary classrooms. For two years, a partnership of teachers, school leaders, and researchers implemented Design-Based Implementation Research to co-investigate how 1-1 mobile technology combined with best practices in teaching mathematics improves K-2 students’ learning. Viewing video clips of lessons and student work using screen-casting apps, we will engage the audience in a discussion around how teachers use this technology to support students’ learning. 

Lead Speaker: Pamela Buffington
Co-Presenter: Lisa Coburn
Co-Presenter: Laura Shaw
Co-Presenter: Shannon Larsen
Co-Presenter: Kelly McCormick

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