New STEM Journal Publishes Article from Interactive STEM Team Members

Posted by Shanna Russ on 11/01/2017

Interactive STEM team members Josephine Louie, Pam Buffington, and Jennifer Stiles were recently published in Connected Science Learning, an online journal from the National Science Teachers Association and the Association of Science-Technology Centers.


Interactive STEM Wins Grant to Expand Collaborative Work in Maine

Posted by Shanna Russ on 05/03/2017

The Interactive STEM team at EDC has been awarded a grant from the Maine Department of Education for the Mathematics and Science Partnerships (MSP) program to continue, sustain, and expand...

Developing a Productive Struggle Mindset

Posted by Jennifer Stiles on 02/02/2017

Students experience productive struggle when they persist in trying to make sense of a difficult problem and develop new strategies for solving it. This perseverance is essential for developing mathematical...

Inquiry Group Meets to Develop Supports to Improve Mathematics Teaching and Learning

Posted by Shanna Russ on 12/14/2016

On November 4–5, the Interactive STEM team at EDC convened an Inquiry Group, bringing together participants with varied professional backgrounds—teachers, teacher leaders, representatives from professional organizations, university faculty, and researchers—to...

Computer Science For All…Teachers

Posted by Interactive STEM on 10/25/2016

Computer Science (CS) For All initiatives are working to reshape the landscape of CS education to ensure all students can access meaningful CS learning.


R+P Voices: Maine Math Coach and Collaboratory Fellow

Posted by Interactive STEM on 07/01/2016

Math Coach and Collaboratory Fellow Lisa Coburn reflects on research + practice co-investigation in Auburn, Maine.


Maine Grade 2 Teacher Flourishing in Research + Practice Context

Posted by Interactive STEM on 06/30/2016

Patricia Ann Maislen, a 2nd grade teacher in Auburn, Maine, shares her experience with the research + practice co-investigative model and the impact it’s had on student learning.


Interactive STEM, Auburn, Maine, Team Discuss Research-Practice Lessons at REL Boston Meeting

Posted by Interactive STEM on 12/15/2015

Auburn, Maine, educators’ emphasis on give-and-take is echoed by newly forming partnerships in Rhode Island and Connecticut.


Buffington Named ATMNE’s 2016 Richard H. Balomenos Lecturer

Posted by Interactive STEM on 09/09/2015

Interactive STEM principal investigator Pam Buffington has been selected as the 2016 Richard H. Balomenos Lecturer by the Association of Teachers of Mathematics in New England, a consortium of math-teacher associations across...

Maine Preservice Teachers Draw Lessons from Research-Practice Partnership in Auburn, Maine

Posted by Jennifer Stiles on 09/02/2015

Dr. Shannon Larsen is an Assistant Professor of Elementary Mathematics Education at University of Maine at Farmington, specializing in K-8 mathematics education, elementary  mathematics coaching, and professional development for elementary...

Maine Elementary School, an Interactive STEM Research + Practice Site, Receives $1.63-Million School Improvement Grant

Posted by Interactive STEM on 07/29/2015

Washburn Elementary School in Auburn, Maine, site of an Interactive STEM research–practice partnership, has been awarded just over $1.63-million in School Improvement Grant funding by the Maine Department of Education....

Snapshots of Practice: Maine Educators and Researchers Co-Investigate Student iPad Strategies and Recordings

Posted by Pam Buffington on 07/01/2015

In Auburn, Maine, all eyes were focused on iPads as K–2 teachers shared interactive artifacts collected from students in their elementary mathematics classrooms. On this particular afternoon, the teachers were...
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