Interactive Technologies and STEM
Early-Grades Teaching and Learning

Educator STEM Learning Collections: Early Math

Interactive STEM educator learning collections are created within the context of a research and practice collaboration focused on early mathematics learning and teaching improvement in schools and classrooms with 1-to-1 mobile tablets. The conceptualization, creation, testing, and revision includes contributions by teachers, school and district leaders, mathematics education faculty, researchers, and project personnel. Because these collections are developed in the context of Design-Based Implementation Research, or DBIR, they continue to undergo multiple stages of testing and revision.

These multimedia collections are designed for use by pre-service and in-service teachers.


Open Tasks

This collection of resources includes examples of open tasks that can promote high-level thinking, videos of early elementary children engaged in solving open tasks, and guidance for instruction using open tasks.


Communication & Critique in Early Mathematics Classrooms

This collection provides practical examples of how early elementary teachers in Auburn, Maine have supported mathematical explanations by students through the use of mobile digital devices, and how they have set up classroom cultures and used technology to promote student-led mathematical discussions.