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Interactive Technologies Inquiry Group


Interactive STEM
 Inquiry Groups invite researchers and practitioners to identify and synthesize salient questions and findings in research and in practice to support and guide the development of new research–practice models and tools in the focal area of interactive technologies in STEM learning and teaching.

In the fall of 2014, more than thirty education researchers, district and school leaders, and teachers gathered at Auburn, Maine, Public Schools—site of a one-to-one Maine Learning Technology Initiative—for a two-day meeting to exchange knowledge and experience and deepen understandings about the opportunities that interactive mobile technologies currently offer to support mathematics learning among young students. The participants also discussed the learning approaches and arrangements that may be needed to maximize these opportunities.

From the Inquiry Group emerged a set of preliminary implementation guidelines to promote strong mathematical thinking among young students with access to interactive mobile technology in their classrooms:

Preliminary Guidelines for Using Interactive Mobile Technologies in Early Elementary Mathematics

Interactive Technologies in Early Mathematics: Inquiry Group Report for Researchers and Educators

Participant Experiences at the Interactive Mobile Technologies Inquiry Group Meeting in Auburn, Maine, November 2014