Interactive Technologies and STEM
Early-Grades Teaching and Learning


District-Based Research and Practice Collaboration (Maine Adaptation Site)

Auburn School Department (Auburn, Maine)

  • Katy Grondin


  • Michelle McClellan

    Assistant Superintendent

  • Shelly Mogul

    Curriculum Director

  • Carol Miller

    Technology Integration Specialist

  • Celeste Beaudet

    Fairview Elementary School Principal

  • Mike Davis

    Walton Elementary School Principal

  • Sue Dorris

    East Auburn Community School Principal

  • Vickie Gaylord

    Park Avenue Elementary School Principal

  • Laura Shaw

    Washburn Elementary School Principal

  • Kim Taylor

    Sherwood Heights Elementary School Principal

Education Development Center (Waltham, Massachusetts)

  • Pam Buffington

    Principal Investigator

  • Catherine McCulloch

    Project Director

  • Jo Louie

    Research Scientist

  • Marian Pasquale

    Senior Research Scientist

  • Amy Busey


University of Maine Farmington

  • Shannon Larsen

    Mathematics Education Faculty/Researcher

University of Southern Maine

  • Kelley McCormick

    Mathematics Education Faculty/Researcher

National Research and Practice Collaboration (The Research + Practice Collaboratory)

Exploratorium (San Francisco)

Education Development Center (Waltham, Massachusetts)

University of Colorado Boulder

University of Washington (Seattle)

Inverness Research (Inverness, California)

SRI International (Menlo Park, California)